h2 In Print

h2 quartet is committed to education and the sharing of ideas between saxophonists and other musicians. We're happy to feature some recent interviews and articles written by members of the group below.

Commissioning new music - Geoffrey Deibel

Geoff did a recent article for Vandoren on how to think about and how to get started commissioning new music from today's composers. Check out Geoff's ideas on how to approach this kind of project.

Jeffrey Loeffert interview

Saxophone Today did an interview this year with our own Jeffrey Loeffert. Jeff talks about his own teaching and playing, his work with h2, and other thoughts on the saxophone and music. 


h2 quartet interview for vandoren

h2 did an interview with Vandoren's Matthew Younglove about what it means to play in a chamber ensemble today. h2 discusses their work ethic, approaches to programming and other topics.